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Where to use multi-factor authentication
From finance, banking to mobile gaming, users need identity authentication. PowerFactor is here to protect users.

Secure Your Mobile Banking Activities

Mobile banking and finance apps protection come above all things. Fast login is not the only thing we prioritise, your safety and overall satisfaction have become one PowerFactors’ top priority and motive to keep going forward.

Business Management Applications

If maintaining confidentiality is the key for your business, secure your employee’s login by adding additional steps along the way. PowerFactor maps a comprehensive plan of these steps and protects your apps by secure login solutions.

Adapt your Business to New Normal: Secure Remote Access

Securing remote access can be considered as one of the most essential steps during the adaptation process. When the new normal revolutionises our lives and businesses, PowerFactor ensures a smooth transition by securing user authentication during remote working.

Use PowerFactor for apps requesting identity authentication

Aim to guarantee the security of the people that are using your app? When you are ready to take the first steps to boost identity authentication, PowerFactor is here for you.  
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