Add a multi-factor authentication step to all your apps.
Mobile and web applications are now safer and UX is improved with multi authentication steps. You can start adding multi factor authentication steps on cloud-based or your personal servers. 
Maximise User Security with More Steps
Two is better than one. Take your user security to the top by adding an extra step to user passwords. 
Multi Factor Authentication
MFA via single pin code
Apple FaceID
QR Code
Android / iOS Fingerprint
Soft OTP
Device binding
Don’t Leave It to Chance, Verify after Login.
Authenticate user identities through variety of security steps, pave the way for a smoother and better transaction while performing crucial activities.
Secure Transactions
Authentication via mobile notification
Authentication through Smart Watch
Authentication via multi-channels
Secure transaction verification
Take the Matter in Hand for Ultimate Protection.
You can easily protect your users against potential attacks with PowerFactor.
App and Device Security
Device Pairing
Man in the Middle Attach Prevention
Personal Data Protection
Network Security
In-App Security
Manage User Authentication Process Stress-free.
PowerFactor has your back in each step of user authentication. Explore an unprecedented admin panel for a smooth management. 
Admin Panel
Activity Log and Monitoring
Management of Customer Activations
Channel – Feature Management
Authentication-based Multi-channel Support
Robust Performance and Error Tracking
Automatic Deactivation against Fraudulence
Admin Panel APIs
Reduce your costs up to %50 with user-based pricing model. No more additional SMS login and transaction costs. 
Soft OTP fully complies with regulations and provides the necessary support you need. 
Please your customers by providing them an unparalleled experience. Your customers’ safety is guaranteed, and they can easily sign up and login to apps fast and securely.  
Happy Customers
Get ultimate protection by setting up your authentication processes via PowerFactor.
Since the first day we started to use PowerFactor, we have been sure that our clients' accounts are protected against fraud and any possible attacks. PowerFactor improved our customer experience to another level. 
It is not worth taking the risk.
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