April 6, 2022

Increased interest in SaaS security products

Golden Global Yatırım Bank, one of Türkiye`s youngest investment banks, has begun to use PowerFactor, a strong authentication and mobile application security product developed by Architecht, in its SaaS banking transactions.

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Increased interest in SaaS security products

Similar to traditional banking transactions, digitalization is also changing how cyber-attacks and fraud are carried out. This change makes it more important for banks to stay up to date in terms of cyber security measures. The products and solutions preferred by the related sectors in this regard are now more critical.

Golden Global Yatırım Bank, one of the youngest investment banks in Türkiye, has begun using PowerFactor, a unique product developed with Architecht's knowledge and experience and used by many banks in the sector, for mobile application security and as a strong authentication solution with the software as a service (SaaS) model.

Within the scope of the service, Golden Global Yatırım Bank will be able to quickly access the latest versions of PowerFactor, enabling them to be constantly prepared for cyber-attacks and minimize their risks in terms of security so that they can focus on their core activities and growth.

Architecht has this to say on the subject: We recently announced to our industry that we have completed the SaaS transformation of PowerFactor, our security product used by many banks in Türkiye. This transformation has deemed us worthy of many awards by gaining the appreciation of industry representatives, academics, and cyber security experts. With its new model, PowerFactor quickly and easily meets the needs of financial sector players of different scales and fields. Thanks to our new agreement, Golden Global Yatırım Bank, one of the youngest investment banks in Türkiye, will be able to meet the security needs of their customers more effectively, without incurring server and maintenance costs, and will always be able to access the most up-to-date version of our product. We believe that this cooperation will serve as an example for other banks and fintech.