November 1, 2021

Important cooperation between Cube Incubation and Architecht for startups

A new business agreement related to a product called PowerFactor has been signed between Cube Incubation, the incubation center of Teknopark Istanbul, and Architecht, which provides the technological infrastructure for many banks and financial institutions in Türkiye and abroad.

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Important cooperation between Cube Incubation and Architecht for startups

Developed by Architecht, PowerFactor stands out as an inclusive cyber security solution that provides mobile application security, multi-factor authentication, and secure transaction verification. This unique solution provides mobile application, transaction authentication, and account login security for 2.8 million banking and finance customers in Türkiye and Europe. Within the scope of this agreement, PowerFactor can be used free of charge by any Cube Incubation startups.

Companies face a variety of costs as a result of recent increases in fraud and cyber-attacks. Startups utilizing PowerFactor will be able to minimize these risks and accelerate their growth by focusing on core activities.

Within the framework of the agreement, services will be provided to five startups in the incubation center for 18 months. Architecht and Cube Incubation will decide on the selection of entrepreneurs together.

Cube Incubation, which has been developing solutions for the needs of the entrepreneurship ecosystem since its inception and is one of the most qualified incubation centers in Türkiye in terms of infrastructure and support, emphasizes the importance of cooperation with institutions in the startup ecosystem in cooperation with Architecht. Collaboration with institutions in the startup ecosystem benefits both parties and helps businesses enter new markets, create new markets, and develop their products. Collaborations also help startups expand their services and products.