What is Multi-Factor Authentication? Why should I use PowerFactor’s MFA solution?

Can I use single password to authenticate my users?

Which platforms is PowerFactor SDK supported / usable for? What capabilities does it add to my product?

Does PowerFactor help to decrease my user authentication costs?

Can I approve Secure Transaction with PowerFactor?

Can I manage multi-channel with PowerFactor?

Can I detect and monitor frauds with PowerFactor?

Can I meet the requirements of BRSA legislation with PowerFactor?

Is there a Management Portal to serve digital application providers?

Can PowerFactor SDK help me Application Security concerns?

Can PowerFactor MFA solution be used a cloud based or on-premise software?

Can digital application providers access application logs and performance metrics?

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Happy Customers

Get ultimate protection by setting up your authentication processes via PowerFactor.

Since the first day we started to use PowerFactor, we have been sure that our clients’ accounts are protected against fraud and any possible attacks. PowerFactor improved our customer experience to another level.